Quality Assurance
Quality is essential to any garments. We have put in place a strict quality assurance program to ensure that our garments are up to Craigwood’s quality level. The objective of this system is to prevent defects rather than to detect defects in the production stage. The major procedures are outlined as below:
Raw Material Inspection
  • Fabric: Under 4 point system, random inspection on each lot of bulk fabric received
  • Trims: Random check against the order
Pre-Production Meeting and Risk Assessment
  • For each order / style before production, a senior member of the production team will carry out a risk assessment in which suitable follow up action plan is created and explained to the production team during pre-production meeting chaired by the production manager.
In-line Inspection
  • Our in-line QC undergoes daily inspection on the semi-finished garments at the sewing line to make sure all the sewing machines are adjusted properly for different materials and ensure that the details are followed up accurately to the production sheet.
Full Garment Check
  • We will undergo 100% checking on the finished garment before packing
Final Inspection
  • Our in-house QC team will do final inspection on every single order before shipment to ensure the bulk quality is up to the requirement of AQL 2.5 / 1.0 (specific for certain clients) and accuracy check of AQL 0.65.
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